posting las vegas photobook scans

How do you fin such big hq pictures? I want to start a hq Vixx blog but I can't find any photos from them in hq :/

um, all over the internet really. for scans, i usually lurk on twitter, weibo, fansites and sometimes naver & tistory blogs. for hq news photos, topstarnews & dispatch. as for hq endorsements, most times if you go to their facebook page (if they have one, that is) and click the download button on a photo you’ll usually get the hq version. or if it’s their official website, you can install an extension that allows you to extract & download the photos. i mostly find everything on twitter & weibo and maybe soshified if i lurk in their photo forum for long enough.

but yeah, to clarify any misconceptions, i don’t use google at all lol. it may not seem like a lot of work, and it isn’t necessarily, but it is time consuming and quite frustrating when people aren’t patient. (and let me tell you, navigating weibo and korean portal sites are such a pain if you don’t know the language. especially weibo though since you have to have an account to access everything.)

edit: i think since you’re just starting out, you should begin with looking for album scans, and then move on to magazine/photoshoot scans. topstarnews has tons of hq vixx photos too here.

jessica's kinda ugly in these photos... can you take them down please?

1016 x 1660

1024 x 1736

1024 x 1752

1439 x 2048

1438 x 2048

1000 x 1509

1000 x 1419

1000 x 1505